Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanksgiving fun!

Todd was able to get a week and a half off for Thanksgiving so we headed to California to spend it with my parents and see my brother as he got home from his mission. He are a bunch of photos of the trip that was really enjoyable and too short! 

Muir Woods near San Fran

I'm pretty impressed that my dad could fit in there and more importantly out of there

Cave Trees! (that's the offical non-offical Tyson-term for old redwoods with holes big enough to fit in)

We headed on over the the Golden Gate after the woods. It was the most gorgeous day, 60's no fog and surprising not too windy, despite what my hair says from the pictures.

He just so into this sharing thing. He likes to share what he is eating.

Like I said, a gorgeous day!

We were there at the perfect time. I was sunset as we were leaving and the lighting was so great. I just wish my camera wasn't blurry.

Amber and Branden came on Saturday after Thanksgiving and our kids enjoyed some classic fall fun of "helping" Gramma rake the yard.

Ty's 1st Football Game

Ty finally experienced a BYU game in the flesh. Of course it was the coolest game of the season but he had fun, mainly because Grandpa bought him a cougar-tail ( A really long maple doughnut) . Ty only lasted the first quarter but it was fun to have him there and make some fun family memories.

Our seats after the first half, when most people vacated their really nice comfy seats

Melissa was that close to Riley!

Just a little video clip of Ty's excitement for his first Cougar-tail, uh I mean football game.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Most Recent Project

For a while now, I've been really wanting to get into refinishing furniture. I've done a small entry table and a dresser but I've really been wanting to redo a kitchen table since we've need one for a while. We found a table from craigslist for 50 dollars. It came with 4 chairs (I haven't finished those yet). As seen from the pictures, it was pretty hammered. There was a lot of paint and scratches on it. It definitely came from a family with kids that loved crafts. : ) 
After our purchase I was wondering if it was worth the 50 bucks and was regretting not getting a table that I didn't have to do anything to. 

Well, Todd bought me a sander for my birthday and after one weekend....

I love the way it turned out and I think definitely think the table is worth at least 50 bucks let alone with the four chairs we got for it. It was a fun project and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for old furniture to redo.